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Imagine giving up 50% or more of your future nest-egg to excessive fees. Learn how to remove brokers and hefty commissions from your pocket.
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The 5 Things Your
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What do the biggest providers
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* Has been the subject of lawsuits regarding excessive fees

  • Offered through brokers and other middlemen
  • Adds additional often hidden layers of fees above and beyond the cost of the investments (i.e. contract asset charges or asset mgmt. charges)
  • Adds hefty "mark ups" to low cost index funds when available
  • Pays large commissions out of your retirement dollars
  • Offer mutual funds that kickback management fees in order be on the menu (aka "pay to play")
  • Generally sold through brokers who cannot legally provide investment advice
  • Do not serve in a fiduciary capacity to protect the business owner's obligations under the Department of Labor

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